Travel & Accommodation

Are there any travel requirements to enter Cuba? (Visa, insurance etc)?

  • ALL international guests will require printed proof of personal travel insurance which covers Cuba/the Caribbean valid for the dates of their travel and covers full repatriation costs, otherwise they will be refused entry at the Cuban border.
  • ALL international visitors to Cuba must have a tourist card which is valid for up to 30 days. Some airlines (e.g. Thomas Cook) may provide these as part of your flight package and the form is filled out upon boarding your flight. Otherwise Caledonia can provide you with a tourist card in advance for a fee of £20 including 1st class postage (there will be an additional cost to send tourist cards beyond the UK).
  • Most nationalities can apply for a Tourist Card, however if you are a non-British citizen, you may wish to contact your local Cuban embassy for clarification.
  • U.S. citizens are subject to strict rules; they must engage in a certain number of activities and show their visit helps the Cuban people or has an educational component to it. We recommend contacting Caledonia Worldwide ( to help plan an itinerary to ensure you meet the requirements. The U.S. Treasury Department has answered FAQs about the policy here.

How do I get to Santiago from Holguin, Havana etc?

  • Please see the Travel page for more information on travelling to and from Santiago.

How can I get to and from the festival venue to central Santiago?

  • Caledonia Worldwide has pre-booked accommodation near to the festival site, to allow guests to walk to and from the festival. Accommodation further away from the festival site may be serviced by a shuttle bus operated by Caledonia. This will incur a fee, please contact Caledonia ( to arrange.

What currency do I bring to Cuba and to the festival?

  • Please ensure you bring sufficient cash (CUC$) to the festival every day to cover food, drinks and transport.
  • There are 2 currencies in use in Cuba - the CUC$ (Cuban Convertible Peso) which is the Tourist Currency and the CUP (Cuban Peso) which is the local currency.
  • You cannot convert cash in advance and cashpoints are not widely available in Cuba. We recommend bringing a major currency (e.g. GBP£) to convert at the airport, however if you bring U.S. dollars you will be charged a 10% commission over and above the usual rate of exchange. Hotels and resorts usually have an exchange booth, and there are some exchange shops in Santiago. We recommend exchanging a medium amount at a time, because if you convert too much you will have to pay to re-convert before you leave.
  • Credit cards are accepted provided they are not U.S. credit cards.
  • Please note you will need keep aside CUC$ 25 per person in cash to pay an exit tax at the airport on your departure.

Can I camp at the festival?

  • No. Camping is not allowed in or around the festival venue (Teatro Heredia).

What’s the weather like in Santiago at that time of year?

  • In Santiago during April and May, the average maximum temperature is 31-32 C, and average minimum temperature is 22-23 C. The ‘rainy season’ is August – November, however rainfall can sometimes be heavy during late May, so you may wish to prepare for that if you are staying in the area after the festival.

What is the internet access like in Cuba?

  • There is no mobile data roaming in Cuba. WiFi is slower than usual and not very common except in good hotels, however there are WiFi hotspots in some public squares and parks (such as Parque Cespedes in Santiago). You may wish to check with your accommodation if WiFi is available.

Which local bars and restaurants do you recommend?

  • We're compiling some recommendations that we'll share closer the time.


Tickets & Entry

If I can’t make it, will my ticket be refunded?

How many tickets can I book in a go?

  • You can only book one ticket at a time, and the name on the ticket MUST match the name of the person attending, as the Cuban government requires advance notice of all international ticketholders entering the country to attend the festival. If this is not possible you will need to email before 1 April 2016 and provide the name and relevant document information of the attendee

Can I sell my ticket if I can’t go?

  • If you bought your ticket via Resident Advisor, you cannot sell your ticket to another party unfortunately, as stated in the Terms & Conditions of sale.
  • If you bought your ticket via the Kickstarter page, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. The full name of this person must be provided to by 1 April 2016, otherwise they will not be able to use the ticket. In summary, the steps are as follows:
    • Sell your ticket
    • Email looping in the new ticket holder. (with a subject line of 'Ticket Exchange')
      • We will need their full name
      • Email address 
      • Nationality
    • I will send a confirmation to you both as soon as the names are updated (it is vital you both receive this otherwise the transaction will not be complete)
    • The deadline for doing this is April 1st

What do I need to bring to get into the festival site?

  • If you are a Resident Advisor ticket holder, on the first day that you attend the festival you will need to bring photographic ID and a printed copy of your ticket receipt in order to collect your wristband at the festival Box Office onsite at Teatro Heredia. You will then only need to keep your wristband for the following days to enter the festival.
  • If you are a Kickstarter ticket holder, on the first day that you attend the festival you will need to bring photographic ID and a and provide your email address in order to collect your wristband at the festival Box Office onsite at Teatro Heredia. You will then only need to keep your wristband for the following days to enter the festival.

What happens if I lose my ticket receipt/printout?

  • If you have saved a copy of your ticket receipt onto your mobile phone we will attempt to accommodate you but you may have to wait at the Box Office until it has been cleared.

What happens if I lose my festival wristband?

  • Please report to the festival Box Office onsite at the Teatro Heredia.

Can I exit and re-enter the festival venue?

  • Once you have acquired your wristband you can enter and exit the festival venue during the opening hours, for the days that your ticket is valid.

Are children allowed to the festival?

  • No, this event is for ticketholders 18 years old and over.



Where is the festival site exactly?

  • The main Manana Cuba festival will be held at the Teatro Heredia in Santiago de Cuba. It is located on the corner of Avenida de Los Desfiles and Avenida Las Americas, in the north east of the city near the Antonio Maceo Revolution Square (Plaza Antonio Maceo Grajales).

What time does the venue open and close?

  • The Teatro Heredia will open at 2:00pm. The venue will close each day at 2:00am.

Are there any items I cannot bring onsite to the festival?

  • You cannot bring your own alcohol to the festival, and for safety reasons you cannot bring any glassware, weapons or objects that can reasonably be considered for use as a weapon.
  • If you are caught possessing, using or dealing illegal drugs you will be immediately ejected and banned from the festival site. The implications for being caught with illegal substances in Cuba are extremely serious; we cannot stress enough that it is not worth the risk.
  • Other prohibited items: excessive amounts of food or cigarettes; animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs); unauthorised professional film or video equipment; personal stereo systems; megaphones; fireworks and similar pyrotechnics; unofficial branded banners and tabards; spray cans; or marker pens.

Will alcohol be sold at the festival?

  • Yes, alcohol will be available to purchase in cash onsite at the festival bar.

Will artist merchandise be sold at the festival?

  • No.

 Is there access for disabled patrons?

  • Yes, for the main theatre and outdoor stage and area.

What is the venue capacity?

  • Approximately 5,000, although we are capping it below 3,000

Is there a medical/First Aid section?

  • Yes. This will be indicated on the festival site map and with signage at the venue.

Will there be a map of the festival site?

  • Yes. A site map will be upload to the Manana Cuba website closer to the time and there will be printouts on site at the festival.

Will there be cashpoints/ATMs at the festival?

  • No. You will need to bring sufficient Cuban pesos to at least cover your food, drink and transport costs.

Will there be WiFi at the festival?

  • WiFi will not be available to festival goers at the Teatro Heredia.

Will there be safes to leave our valuables in?

  • No. Please ensure you take care of your valuables and that any bags or pockets in which you store them have zips, locks or secure fasteners on them. You may wish to label your baggage for extra safety.

Will there be a lost and found office?

  • Should you lose any valuables or find someone else’s, please report to the information desk at the festival Box Office onsite.




When will set times be announced?

  • The line-up has been programmed for each day, however exact set times will be released closer to the festival on our website.

How will I get updated about possible changes in the programme?

  • Please keep an eye on the Manana Cuba website for any changes in the programme.

Is the use of photographic/recording equipment prohibited during performances?

  • Personal phones and small handheld cameras are allowed, however no professional film or recording equipment may be brought to the festival without prior permission. Recordings of artist performances and festival activities may not be used for any commercial purposes without the festival organiser’s consent.
  • You will need permits for any major pieces of electronic equipment upon entry to the country, and these may be confiscated without the appropriate documentation.



Can I work at the festival?

  • Manana Cuba welcomes dedicated and hard-working volunteers, to assist before and during the festival. Please download and complete the Volunteer Questionnaire, and return to Alice Whittington at alicewhittington [@] by XXXX date.

Can I perform at the festival?

  • The organisers wish to maintain a very carefully curated lineup which will fit in with the vision, vibe and balance of the festival. However we are open to considering some voluntary artistic acts. Please email with your details.

Anything else I need to know before I go?

  • Medicine is not easily available in Cuba, so if you have any prescriptions please ensure you take enough to cover your trip. We recommend bringing some general first aid too as it is hard to find or very expensive - bandaids, antiseptic, painkillers, mosquito repellent, Immodium etc. Ladies, bring sanitary items with you as tampons are not available in Cuba.
  • We strongly recommend you conduct research on Cuba before you go, to ensure you are best prepared.