We hope that Manana will not only provide a unique festival experience but also leave a lasting legacy for both the local and international music communities.

What began as a musical dialogue in the barrios of Santiago de Cuba between three friends - Alain, Harry and Jenner - can now count on the support of an incredible network of acclaimed partners, including British Production company No Nation, global electronic music hub Resident Advisor and the Cuban Government's Cultura department. 

We believe that an international electronic music audience will find inspiration in Afro-Cuban folkloric music, and that Cuba’s powerful blend of rhythm, flow and feeling will enrich the development of electronic music and its community. In return, Manana 2016 will be an opportunity for Cubans to share their incredible cultural heritage, collaborate, and use technology to take their musical development in new directions.


Manana is a word that is deeply rooted in Cuban music. Put simply, it is the flow of an artist and the spiritual connection that opens between them and their audience. Below are a couple of videos explaining the origins of the word and what it means to Cuban musicians.