Kumar Sublevao-Beat

We are proud to present Barcelona-based Afro-Cuban music producer and MC, Kumar Sublevao-Beat, in association with Havana Cultura. Kumar began his musical career in the height of Havana's 1990s Hiphop movement. The profound influence that Afro-Latin jazz, reggae, funk and, especially, traditional Afro-Cuban music have had on his  musical work have allowed him to achieve a personal sound that combines MPC live performance with Afro-Cuban percussion, synths and live acoustic instruments.

His latest project, Afrikun, is a collborative album with Machete Horns where he researches African music, and introduces traditional instruments like the ngoni, the simbi, and the kora among others to his live electronic performance. The project features artists such as Omar Sosa, M.anifest, Mu Mbana, and Adama Kone.