We are Manana, a Cuban/British not-for-profit organisation that connects the rich heritage of Afro-Cuban folkloric music to the electronic music community. On 4-6th May 2016 we will be the first festival of its kind to take place in Santiago de Cuba, open to both Cubans and foreign travellers.

With the end of the US embargo in sight, these are exciting but fragile times on the island. Manana is an inclusive and collaborative festival built on the deep love and mutual respect we all have for rhythm. 

The festival runs for 3 days and will present the unknown, unrecorded music of the East of Cuba alongside the pioneers and innovators of International electronic music. We are also working with technology partners like Ableton and educational platforms like NYU's Music + Social Change Lab to set up workshops and lectures that will run throughout the event, and we hope to use these partnerships to equip the local musicians and studios with the right tools to take their musical development into their own hands.