Manana Podcast EP0008: Mexico City's Century in the Mix

A big shout out to Mexico City's Century, whose Manana Podcast just featured as Resident Advisor's Mix of the Day. Boom.

It’s been a while since we’ve put together a mixtape, probably years. Maybe it’s the fact we stopped playing records – obsessively placing our energies on building (and constantly re-building) a live set that can cover everything we do. Yet, every once in a while it’s great to re-visit many of our core or temporal influences and do something off-routine.
If someone was to ask us what we would play in a DJ gig right now, it would definitely not be what is heard here, which makes this format really interesting. We’ve decided to assemble an hour narrative of congas, weird congas over 4/4 rhythms, and dubbed-out echoes and vocals in Spanish – somewhat ad hoc to our Cuban dream ; we’ve been there once and it was nothing short of magical.
If you pay attention, you’ll find one fresh new track, and a live jam we literally just exported straight out of our computer. Salud, and thank you for listening.