The ticket price includes passes to all MANANA hosted events in Santiago de Cuba. MANANA is an 18+ event, and any tickets purchased by persons under this age are not valid.

All parties who have purchased tickets on Kickstarter will need to confirm the full names (as per the documentation they bring to accreditation in Cuba), nationality and email addresses of each individual ticket holder by April 1st 2016. You will need a valid passport/driving licence with you when you arrive at festival accreditation in Cuba to collect your wristband. Without this we reserve the right to refuse you entry to the festival.



Tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded, or returned after purchase.

Natural disasters, weather conditions, airspace closure, travel disruption, political disruption, or any kind of force majeure will not lead to ticket refunds.  

If you cannot attend the festival, MANANA cannot reimburse any of the money you have paid.

MANANA reserves the right to change the acts without prior notification. The purchase of the ticket is for the entire event, and is not linked to specific artists. No refunds can be offered in the instance of artist changes to the bill.      

Ticket names for tickets purchased on Kickstarter are transferrable up until 1st April 2016.  MANANA must be notified of this via email at in advance of that date and the name change will not be confirmed until you receive email confirmation back from us. Tickets purchased through Resident Advisor cannot be transferred or exchanged. 



After ticket purchase is complete you will receive an email with your order number and booking details. You will need these details with you when you arrive at festival accreditation in Cuba to collect your wristband. Without this printed email and a valid passport/driving licence we reserve the right to refuse your festival entry.



MANANA has a zero tolerance policy towards all illegal substances. We reserve the right to remove customers from the festival should we believe them to be partaking in any consumption or dealing of illegal substances. Furthermore, drug offences in Cuba carry substantial legal penalties so it is not a risk that should be taken.

If customers become abusive, antisocial or threatening in any way we reserve the right to refuse entry to MANANA or to remove them from festival premises. No refunds will be offered to these customers.  

Tickets purchased on Resident Advisor are for your personal use only and are not allowed to be resold. Any resale will automatically result in your order being invalid as the details they supply when accrediting will not match those on our systems.



Everyone needs travel insurance to enter Cuba so this must be arranged in advance of your trip. Cuban authorities may review your travel insurance on arrival and will deny you access into the country if you are unable to show proof of purchase. Tickets will not be refunded if you fail to gain access to the country due to lack of travel insurance.

Most nationalities will need a Cuban Tourist Card to enter the country – this can be arranged via our Travel partner Caledonia Worldwide ( as part of their MANANA travel itinerary. Tickets will not be refunded if you fail to gain access to the country due to lack of valid Tourist Card.

US citizens are permitted to travel to Cuba on People-to-People travel initiatives. United States law requires adherence to a special set of guidelines for travel on these unique programs. MANANA has no direct involvement in individual travel arrangements although we recommend contacting our travel partner Caledonia Worldwide to advise on specific details and to organize itineraries that meet those guidelines.



MANANA will not hold any of your financial details, and will not share any details you have provided for marketing without your consent. From time to time we may send MANANA promotional emails. If you want to cancel these emails please contact us at MANANA will always abide with current legal data protection requirements. 

All festival attendees consent to inclusion in photographic, visual and audio promotion of the Festival.



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